Chronic Profits

Is Chronic Profits a scam or is it too legit to quit?

chronic profitsThere is a new product that was recently released call Chronic Profits.  It is creative and has a very sexy pitch.  I wanted to take a look at it and assess whether or not Chronic Profits is a scam or if it’s actually a good product.

Chronic Profits is a program created by a guru named Caleb Abrams.  He tells his own story on the Chronic Profits page about how he grew up as a hippie living all the stereotypes.   He grew up smoking weed and living a carefree lifestyle without any money or any luxuries.  Then he was introduced to a money-making opportunity by a mentor of his.  The mentor showed him a simple solution for making money online.  Caleb Abrams tried out the system and started making great money.  He shows pictures of his commissions.  It’s a unique story from yet another guru.  Is it real?  We have spoken to Caleb and the creators, and it is, in fact, a true story.  You will have to see the video to believe it.  Chronic Profits.

The real question for me whenever I consider whether or not a program is a scam or not, is whether they deliver a product that can teach its students how to accomplish whatever it is that the program advertises.  If the program advertises that they will teach you how to tame a tiger then it better teach you how to tame a tiger.  That doesn’t mean that the student actually needs to tame a tiger, but they better have the education in front of them to do it if they choose to do so.

Chronic Profits offers to teach its students how to make money in email and affiliate marketing.  Chronic Profit students are set up with email accounts, affiliate links, and all systems that the student will need to get started right away.  It’s actually a lot slicker than most competitors that I have looked at.  Most just provide books and CDs, but Chronic Profits has an automated system that makes the process easy enough for a weed smoking hippie…

I like the pitch and I like the product.  In our opinion Chronic Profits passes the test as a legitimate program.

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